How did we do? A look back at our preseason picks, regular season/playoff performance, and what we'll be working on this offseason
Recapping the 6A Title bouts and wrapping up the 2022 season, looking back at our performance throughout the year, milestones achieved, and we'll finish…
Congratulations to the Duncanville Panthers (D1) and DeSoto Eagles (D2)
Recapping the action from the Semifinals and previewing each State Championship matchup in detail
Ranking the offenses and defenses remaining in the Division 1 & 2 fields
Grading every playoff team's performance so far in '22 against all seasons going back to '08.
Statistical preview of the D1 & D2 state final matchups, including offense vs. defense advantages, and model picks
Updated advancement odds for the 8 teams remaining in each bracket
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